9 Reasons Why Wooden Toys Are Better For Babies

There are several reasons why are wooden toys are better for babies and let me explain below:

The first reason is that the wooden toys are timeless. This means that the same toys that your parents and grandparents learned from can be passed down to your children so that they can learn from them also. Even though there are some toys out there that are new and cool, the older wooden toys are going to have more value to the children because of their trendiness.

The second reason is the wooden toys are going to be a lot more durable than the plastic toys. Children are going to be very rough on their toys so a lot of the toys are going to end up broken. But since the wooden toys are made of quality wood so they are built solid, the children are not going to be able to damage the wooden toys. All they can do is a basic scratch or dent to the toys.

The third reason is that the toys can grow with your child. This is one of the reasons why they are going to cost a little bit more money but they are going to be worth the investment. The younger children can use their imagination with the toys while the older children can use the wooden toys to solve problems like the geometry and physics.

The fourth reason is that the wooden toys are going to encourage a child’s imagination. This is because the toys are going to come in a variety of different shapes like food, household items, and vehicles. The more educational shapes will be in the form of blocks, arcs, sticks, circles, and triangles. They let the children explore the different uses in creative ways of using their imagination. This is going to stretch the imagination beyond belief.

The fifth reason is that the toys can incorporate the real life skills. This means that the children can play different games like house or grocery store when they use the wooden toys that are in the shape of household items and food. Some children will see the wooden sticks as money to buy other wooden objects while other children will see the red circles as strawberries and the blue circles are blueberries.

The sixth reason is that the toys are going to be a lot less distracting for the child. When the children are using their imagination, then they will make the sounds of voices and alarms. Therefore, the child will be able to take control of the situation. Their minds will be clear so that they can think about different scenarios where they will need to solve different problems. The toys that already have noises can change the child’s imagination so it will limit their ability to solve problems.

The seventh reason is that the toys can encourage the children to interact with other children. When they are using their imagination in different scenarios, then are going to want other children to play with them. This is because the toys do not make any noises or sounds. Therefore, if you have more than one child at home, wooden toys are going to be something that all of the children will enjoy.

The eighth reason is that the toys can develop their reasoning skills. The children can manipulate the different shapes and sizes of the wooden toys to help them to build their skills. One of those skills can be organizing their toys into a variety of different categories. These categories are going to be by size, shape, and color. Therefore, the child will have an easier time finding all of their toys.

The ninth reason is that the toys can improve the child’s hand-eye coordination. This is because of the basic shapes that the wooden toys are going to come in. The wooden blocks will encourage the children to build towers because they are placing the pieces of that the tower does not topple over. Some children might even thread a string through the wooden beads, which is going to make the children to pay attention to the placement of the string. This will allow the children to see how different shapes will fit together as one.

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