Coffee Pods vs. Coffee Beans

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, with its many flavors and textures. It could also be that coffee is so popular because there are so many different ways to prepare it, which creates vastly different results. Both coffee pods and coffee beans have become a favorite way to drink coffee and ultimately it comes down to preference.  So let’s take a further look at coffee pods vs coffee beans.

Coffee pods are suitable for families or individuals who lead a busy, on the go life. These pods are convenient for people who do not have time in the morning to grind coffee beans. With pods, the coffee is already grounded and prepackaged in plastic or aluminum packaging instead of paper filters.

These espresso coffee pods are usually single or double-serve and come in many different flavors: such as hazelnut, vanilla, mocha, caramel, and much more.

Although coffee pods are pre-ground at factories and are not as fresh as actual coffee beans, the packaging prevents it from becoming completely stale. The flavors are still there because the pods are sealed into aluminum pouches and flushed with nitrogen to remove the oxygen. With coffee pods, all you need is an espresso pod machine; the coffee pods make it easier to clean up faster for those who do not have time to clean thoroughly.

Coffee bean preparations are completely different and require more time and science. With coffee beans, you a good quality grinder which would cost around $50 or more. You can also buy a hand grinder, which is less expensive and is not as tedious to clean out, however, those offer more difficulty. With grinding your own coffee beans, you have more control over the size of their espresso grinds, the quantity used, and density.

For those who really love a good cup of coffee, this preparation offers full, strong, and rich flavors because the coffee is ground and brewed fresh. espresso machines are favorable to use because they offer such great flavors, however, it is also difficult because it involves a lot of trial and error before learning to grind and brew coffee the way you would like it. Although, espresso machines are not the only way to prepare freshly ground coffee. Coffee preparation takes many forms:

-French presses:  Cylindrical coffee pots which contain a plunger made of mesh, pushing the grounds to the bottom.

-Automatic coffee maker:  Which only requires a filter and hot water.

Coffee Cone: This is the pour over method. you place a paper filter inside the cone with the coffee grounds and pour hot water over it, into the cup. This offers strong flavors as well.

These are only a few preparations of coffee, there are endless possibilities when it comes to coffee beans. Many prefer coffee bean preparations over coffee pods because of the rich and strong flavors, but also because the process allows you to learn more about the different types of coffees out there and how to grind and prepare. Coffee pods are more convenient for those with a busy life, however, both coffee pods and coffee beans are a great choice for enjoying a nice cup of coffee. In the end, it is up to preference and dedication you want to put into your cup of coffee.

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