A Green Drink for a Good Morning

Most people head straight for the coffee pot in the morning, but have you ever considered starting your day with something green?

Green juices have become more popular in recent years thanks to a growing interest in healthy living. People are starting to notice what an impact a plant-based diet can make on their everyday well-being, and if you’ve been inspired to make changes yourself, drinking a green juice every morning is an excellent way to get started.

The Morning Wake Up That’s Better Than Coffee

Coffee is addictive, and it also has the tendency to give you a boost of energy at the start of the day and leave you feeling tired later. This results in having to drink more coffee later in the afternoon, which can have a negative effect on the quality of your sleep. There’s nothing wrong with coffee in moderation, but getting into the ugly cycle of drinking too much can really put a damper on your health progress.

Waking up with a green drink is a much better option. These juices give our bodies a megadose of nutrition first thing in the morning, which provides us with everything we need to wake up. You don’t necessarily have to buy a juicer and keep a mountain of fresh produce on hand, either. Supergreens drink mixes, like Organifi and Athletic Greens, do the trick just as well.

The Health Drink That Boosts Your Blood

Green drinks are packed with chlorophyll, the pigment that allows plants to feed off sunlight using the process of photosynthesis. Science is revealing that chlorophyll can bind to carcinogenic impurities in the gastrointestinal track. This can lower the risk for certain types of cancers, including colon cancer.

Chlorophyll also gives your blood a boost, another reason it can be helpful in the morning. It’s molecular structure is similar to heme, the substance that makes our blood red. When you drink chlorophyll, you give your body more of what it needs for healthy blood.

The Healthy Habit that can Keep Weight Off

Green drinks can help speed up the rate in which your body eliminates waste, keeping you detoxified while allowing your fluids to remain in balance. In a 2014 study, Swedish researchers discovered that when green chlorophyll supplements were taken with a high-carb diet, subjects experienced less hypoglycemia and feelings of hunger. Another prior study found that chlorophyll can reduce hunger by balancing the hormones that lead us to feel ravenous or full.

Green Juice Recipe

fresh green smoothie

A Self-Love Morning Ritual

There’s beauty in having a healthy morning ritual, and choosing something like a green drink can make a big impact. Self-care is a crucial part of well-being. Starting your day with a drink known for its potent health effects is a wonderful thing to do, but the benefits of green beverages don’t stop there. They can also have major beauty benefits.

Green juices provide nourishment that can:

  • Reduce body odor.
  • Contribute to hair growth.
  • Help the skin stay healthy and glowing.

For men and women alike, green drinks can boost physical attractiveness. You might notice improvements in your skin tone or body odor after only a few days. Over time, these morning doses of nutrition will add up, giving you more confidence in how you look and feel.

Align to the Earth

It’s fitting that Green is the color of the heart chakra, which is your center for love and emotion. Starting each day with a green drink is a self-care ritual you can use to ground yourself, focusing on all the positive affects it will have on your life. The morning is also a great time to practice gratitude. If you have a warm home and an Organifi drink green in the pantry, you have a lot to be thankful for. Acknowledging that, even for a mere few minutes at the start of your day, will make a huge impact on the events that follow. By choosing to give your body the best nutrition possible, you’re setting an intention that will spill over into other areas of your world.

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